About us

At our facility in Exeter you will receive quality personal training on exercise form.

How we do it?

General fitness exercises can be executed in a number of ways for the various muscle groups; however, not all ways may be beneficial to you. Improper strength and conditioning personal training can result in muscle imbalances and overuse injuries. The concept of proper exercise selection and form must not be overlooked. Thus, you will learn how to apply these concepts to your everyday life to reduce the likelihood of injury. Whether you are interested in training for a sport, improving health, losing weight, or just trying to fight the negative effects of the aging process, we can design a personal program for you. YOU are our main concern.

  • We Help You Set Goals.
  • Results Are Guaranteed.
  • We Make You Feel Comfortable.
  • Different Training Classes Available.

We Believe

We believe that a low client to instructor ratio is the safest and most effective way to maximize results in a fitness program. As a result of this, we do not train (or teach) in groups of more than three clients per trainer. Our personal training facility in Exeter is the perfect place to meet your strength and conditioning goals, and general fitness needs.

Research has shown that being under the direct supervision of a degreed, accredited trainer will result in greater maximal strength gains as compared to working alone (Mazzetti et al, 2000). Any trainer you work with at PSCP Training is not only certified by an accredited organization but also possesses a university or college degree in the exercise sciences.

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Michael Wyand

All I can say money well spent. The knowledge of the Personal trainers is outstanding. They listen to what your goals are and help you accomplish them.

Clancy Cash Harrison


I started a weight training program specific to my sport- swimming-The experience, professionalism and knowledge have exceeded my expectation.

Kevin Tinter

K2 Mobile Tint

The best trainers around. I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to get in shape.